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2023 "Early Bird" Fall Recreation
Flag Football
1st Grade Flag Football Skills & Drills
2nd Grade Flag Football Skills & Drills
3rd/4th Grade NFL Flag Football In-house League
5th Grade NFL Flag Football Traveling League
2023 Spring & Summer Recreation
2023 Rec-Lympics Community Competition - NEW!
Archery Mini-Camp
Baseball Camps, Clinics, & Leagues
3rd/4th Grade 3-Week Baseball Camp
5th/6th Grade 3-Week Baseball Camp
7th Grade 3-Week Baseball Camp
8th Grade 3-Week Baseball Camp
NEW! Tee Ball/Coach Pitch Mini-Clinics
Basketball Camps
Boys Basketball Camps
Boys 2nd-4th Grade Basketball Camp
Boys 5th-7th Grade Basketball Camp
Co-ed Basketball Camps
5th-7th Grade Advanced Basketball Camp
8th-11th Grade Elite Basketball Camp
Girls Basketball Camps
Buckets & Breakfast
Session I Buckets & Breakfast
Session II Buckets & Breakfast
Session III Buckets & Breakfast
Girls 2nd-7th Grade Rookies & Futures Camp
Girls 5th-11th Grade Basketball Finishing Camp
Girls 5th-11th Grade Basketball Shooters Camp
Girls 7th-11th Grade Defensive Basketball Camp
Next Generation Girls Basketball Camp
CSI: McFarland - Youth Crime Scene Investigation
Cooking Classes
Meals for Mommy - Cooking Workshop
Flag Rugby
2nd-7th Grade Flag Rugby League
Football Camps
2nd-4th Grade Intermediate Football Camp
4K-1st Grade Little Tykes Football Camp
5th-7th Grade Middle School Football Camp
8th-11th Grade HS Football Contact Camp
NEW! Performing Arts - Dance & Theater Programs
Adult Line Dancing
NEW! Adult Line Dancing Clinic (Ages 18+)
Session I Adult Line Dancing Class (Ages 18+)
Session II Adult Line Dancing Class (Ages 18+)
NEW! 4th-7th Grade Intro to Theater Workshop
NEW! 8th-11h Grade Intro to Tap Dance
NEW! 8th-11th Grade Early Foundations of Dance
NEW! 8th-11th Grade Musical Theater Workshop
NEW! 8th-12th Grade Audition Workshop
NEW! Soccer Camp
NEW! 5th-7th Grade Co-ed Soccer Camp
NEW! Youth Enrichment League Programs
NEW! 1st-4th Grade "Destination Mars" Rocketry
NEW! 2nd-5th Grade Coding: Animation & Video Games-Session 2
NEW! 3rd-7th Grade Fencing
NEW! K-4th Grade Brick Builders | Varsity Camp
Nature Discovery
K-2nd Grade Zoo to You Program
K-5th Grade Garden Explorers
NEW! Cops & Bobbers - FREE! (Ages 7+)
Nature Hike
Adult Pickleball
Red Cross CPR & Babysitting Classes
SPRING CPR/First Aid/AED Training (ONLINE) - Ages 11-18
SPRING CPR/First Aid/AED Training (ONLINE) - Ages 19+
SUMMER Advanced Child Care Training (ONLINE) - Ages 11+
SUMMER Babysitting Basics (ONLINE) - Ages 11+
SUMMER CPR/First Aid/AED Training (ONLINE) - Ages 11-18
SUMMER CPR/First Aid/AED Training (ONLINE) - Ages 19+
Softball Camps
3rd/4th Grade Softball Camp
5th/6th Grade Softball Camp
Spring Beginner Tennis
3rd-5th Grade Tennis
6th-8th Grade Tennis
9th-12th Grade Tennis
Parent & Tot Tennis AM Session (4K-2nd Grade)
Parent & Tot Tennis PM Session (4K-2nd Grade)
Summer Tennis Instruction
Session I
3rd-5th Grade Tennis - Session I
4K-2nd Grade Parent & Tot Tennis - Session I
6th-8th Grade Tennis - Session I
9th-12th Grade Tennis - Session I
Session II
3rd-5th Grade Tennis - Session II
4K-2nd Grade Parent & Tot Tennis - Session II
6th-8th Grade Tennis - Session II
9th-12th Grade Tennis - Session II
Session III
3rd-5th Grade Tennis - Session III
4K-2nd Grade Parent & Tot Tennis - Session III
6th-8th Grade Tennis - Session III
9th-12th Grade Tennis - Session III
Track & Field Camps
2nd-5th Grade Spartan Speedsters Track Camp
NEW! 6th-11th Grade Track & Field Camp
Ultimate Frisbee Camp
2nd-7th Grade Ultimate Frisbee Camp
Volleyball Camps
2nd-4th Grade Co-ed Volleyball Camp
5th & 6th Grade Co-ed Volleyball Camp
7th & 8th Grade Co-ed Volleyball Camp
2nd-4th Grade Wiffleball
5th-7th Grade Wiffleball
Summer 2023
Summer 2023 Yoga
2023 Swimming Lessons/Programs
Private Lessons
Session 1 Swim Lessons 2023
2023 Swimming Reservations
Split Lap Lanes (2023)